Act and Develop Your Leadership Skills

Act and Develop Your Leadership Skills

First Step: Apv Meeting (2-4th of Sept.)

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Place: Kassel, Germany

The apv meeting of the project ‘Act and Develop Your Liedership Skills’ took place in Kassel, Germany. Six group leaders from  each country came together and organized a meeting. During the meeting leaders revized the activity plan, visited the place the project will take place and discussed what to add and develop in activities. They negotiated the subjects like participants’ needs and dietary habits. The authorized person in hotel was informed about the numbers of participants and their special needs. Leaders, also, wandered around the center to know the city, restaurants, tourist attractions. They together spent a nice time knowing each other and city, and  prepared for the project.


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With the participants from 7 partner countries, the topic “leadership” was discussed. The aim of the project was to develop participants’ leadership skills as well as helping them acquire different skills such as speaking and presentation, conflict solving and critical thinking. Leadership styles; the concepts of boss, leader, management, governance and leadership; future planning and decision making were among the main topics of the project.

Throughout a week participants had a great time by integrating what they had learnt with helpful workshops. There were art sessions, which were really beneficial for their personal development, such as role-play and painting. Besides having had knowledge about the main topic, participants also gained insight about different cultures, thus having tolerance towards differences. This was accomplished through organising cultural nights in which each country presented their foods, traditional dances and music. At the end, the participants left the country with having many friends from different nations, international relationships, less prejudice against differences and with lots of cultural gains. Each participant was also given a Youthpass certificate which indicated the skills acquired throughout the project.

Post Author: Muhammet Ali USLU

Muhammet Ali USLU
I was born in Iğdır in 1997. In 2016, I joined the Iğdır EU Youth group as a founding member with the task of "Establishing Partnership and Cooperation". I am currently the International Project Development and Execution Team Leader and Chairman of the Board. I am psychologist, also interested in web design. My main goal is to study the applications of human learning on machines and take part in the studies in this field.

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