Teaching Methods in Intercultural Mixed Areas

Teaching Methods in Intercultural Mixed Areas Training Course This project realized in our early term – called “Iğdır AB Gençlik Grubu”. This article is a draft, we’ll update it soon. To get user manual, click here. We ,as IGDIR AB GENCLIK GRUBU, participated in a youth project with the name Teaching methods in intercultural mixed areas […]

Non-formal Education in the Integration of Unaccompained Minor Refugees , Austria

Non-formal Education in the Integration of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees About of The Project  7 day Training Course with a logical continuity and substantive upgrade of interactive, creative and participatory workshops aiming to develop better understanding of the usage of non-formal education in the process of inclusion of minor unaccompanied refugees. The work programme enables participants to […]

Investing in Impact (TC) in Arad, Romaina

Investing Impact The objectives of the “Investing in Impact” project are:   The acquiring of social enterpreneurship competencies for 36 leaders from 10 countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece and Turkey) The development of a collaborative network for the 18 partner organisations of the projects. The development of a business plan, […]

e-waves TC in Antalya

  e-waves, approaches the topic of dissemination and exploitation of results for Erasmus+ projects in the field of youth work and non-formal education. We had the opportunity to identify and reflect about strategies and tools to work on the visibility and dissemination of the projects, with a focus in online collaborative tools, and always in the […]