Teaching Methods in Intercultural Mixed Areas

Teaching Methods in Intercultural Mixed Areas

Training Course

This project realized in our early term – called “Iğdır AB Gençlik Grubu”. This article is a draft, we’ll update it soon.

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We ,as IGDIR AB GENCLIK GRUBU, participated in a youth project with the name Teaching methods in intercultural mixed areas between 22-31 October 2016 in Prague. The project funded by EU and Czech National Agency in the context of Erasmus+ youth workers mobility.

By the end of the project, we believe that we developed the following skills;

We recognized the unique importance of each culture, emphasizing shared

values and pluralistic identity.

We developed intercultural awareness about different communication styles

and approaches in multicultural areas by exchanging views and experiences.

We learnt understanding on how stereotypes and prejudices are


We learnt about tolerance, equality and solidarity among different cultures,

nationalities, ethnic and religious groups, etc. According to the Human Rights principals.

We developed positive attitudes and behaviors for less discrimination and more positive intercultural relationships.

We experienced alternative methods and instruments for intercultural

education and intercultural practicing.

We learnt about Erasmus+ more.

We learnt using different formal and non-formal methods in order to improve the educational process.

Post Author: Muhammet Ali USLU

I was born in Iğdır in 1997. In 2016, I joined the Iğdır EU Youth group as a founding member with the task of "Establishing Partnership and Cooperation". I am currently the International Project Development and Execution Team Leader and Chairman of the Board. I am psychologist, also interested in web design. My main goal is to study the applications of human learning on machines and take part in the studies in this field.

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