The Statute

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The Name and the the Headquarter of the Organization

Article 1– Name of the Organization: “Genç Zihin Derneği’ (Young Intelligence Organization). The Organization’s short name is GEZİDER.

The headquarter of the organization is in Iğdır Province. The branches will not be opened.

The objectives of the organization and the fields of activities.

Article 2 – The organization was esteblished to carry out the activities of Social, cultural, educational, health and sports, to contribute to the improvement of youth policies, to support, design and carry out activities to help all the disadvantaged young people starting from the ones in Iğdır.

The work fields and types which will be carried out by the organization:

  • To conduct researches to activate and develop its activities.
  • To organize trainings such as course, seminars, conferences, symposiums and panels.
  • To provide all kinds of information, documents and publications necessary to realize the objective, to create a documentation center, to publish publications such as newspapers, magazines, books and bulletins in order to announce their works,
  • To provide a healthy working environment to realize the objective, to provide all kinds of technical tools, fixtures and stationery materials,
  • To get donations from domestic and foreign countries provided that necessary permissions are obtained,
  • To develop methods and tools in education, culture, peace, human rights, intercultural solidarity, citizenship, cooperation etc. to be used in non-formal, informal and formal education and to develop new methods, tools
  • To organize workshops in non-formal, formal and informal training centers,
  • To organize local, national and international trainings for personal and professional development
  • To raise awareness among non-governmental organizations, public institutions and universities in project preparation, writing, implementation and evaluation,
  • To prepare regional development projects, to participate as partners or associates in these projects
  • To cooperate and work with Youth National Agencies, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, Salto Resource Centers, Eurodesk Network, Youth Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth.
  • To give information and to encourage about entrepreneurship,
  • To make researches, about the topics which interest the young and to prepare notifications and reports in order to activate and develop the activities,
  • To help those who are mainly seniors and those who left their training before they gain their basic qualifications and those from vulnerable social groups and marginal social background in order to give them alternative opportunities to participate in adult education,
  • To develop systems that can include every segment of the society especially people with disabilities, immigrants, people living in disadvantaged areas, in the decision-making processes,
  • To create activities that will enable young people to develop national and international social responsibility projects to solve country problems and to support young people in their projects,
  • To train young people in the framework of law to organize trainings in the fields of fundamental sciences related to music and entrepreneurship, computer, programming, foreign language, ornamentation, miniature, mottling, calligraphy, reading, classical Turkish music, speaking, writing and speed reading, theater, handicrafts, playing an instrument, to encourage the young to participate in the existing trainings.
  • To organize training courses, programs to increase quality in education, provide cultural dialogue and promote language learning and to cooperate with European Union countries. to allocate the necessary budget to the members from the organization’s commodity for this purpose,
  • Prepare national and international social responsibility projects for the disadvantaged young people (young people with limited opportunities geographically or other kinds, street children, orphaned children, addicted children, children who are rehabilitated, children with physical or mental disabilities, children who are abuses and exposed to violence and to carry out these projects together with the young.
  • To Organize dinner parties, concerts, theater plays, exhibitions, sports, trips and entertaining activities to develop and maintain human relations among the members or to enable the young to benefit from such activities.
  • To establish sports clubs for a healthy generation, to organize sports tournaments,
  • To organize camp programs, to open summer courses, to carry out social, sports and cultural activities in order to enable the young to value their free time in summers, when necessary to contact the official institutes related to these fields and to make the organizations together,
  • To try to fulfill all necessary services in order to contribute to raising children and young people who are good morals, who love the motherland and the nation, who grow up in the best way in every perspective, are philanthropic, bodily, spiritual and socially well developed, who are equipped with knowledge, science and superior moral values and strong family ties.
  • To establish libraries, to provide books for the students, to provide scholarships and loans to poor students, To allocate sports facilities and activities for the students, to organize conferences to ensure that the students are educated according to national and local customs.
  • To provide the students who are in need with free food, free clothes, any kind of help, free medical medication,
  • To engage in international activities, to become members of organizations abroad, to cooperate with these organizations, to assist or to provide participants,
  • To carry out joint projects with public institutions and organizations,
  • To raise money in order to meet the necessities of the members of the organization such as food, clothing and other goods and services and to meet their short term loan needs,
  • To open representative offices where it is deemed necessary,
  • To create platforms to realize a common objective with other associations or foundations, trade unions and similar non-governmental organizations in fields that are related to the purpose of the association and which are not prohibited by law,

The Field Activity of the Organization

The organization operates in the country and abroad in the areas of culture, art, science, social, individual and social development, development of the country, and education.